Aaron Nora Scherer





For the upcoming exhibition ROOM OF ENTITIES
I want to collect your dreams.

The exhibition will happen 21st of September
until 28th of October 2022
@ Improper Walls Gallery in Vienna.

It will be an audiovisual installation by ZAK_antidisziplinär
a collaboration of Moritz Nahold, Eva Sommer and me.

As the artist ione points out in her book “listening in dream” a lot of people experienced changes in their dreams during the start of the pandemic. dreams were much more vivid and intense. so maybe if we take a closer look at our dreams and talk more about them they could tell us something about the current state of the world. we just have to listen.

For the exhibition your dreams will be transferred into sound so that your individual dream can be experienced together with people in a shared space.

Maybe your words will just be translated into sound
but maybe some parts will be read or sung and recorded.

I myself have been journaling my dreams for 6 years.

I would be extremely happy if this dream archive would give you
an impulse to start journaling your dreams as well on a regular basis.

You can send your dream anonymously or put your name and contact into the form you'll find below if you want me to get in touch with you. Both is fine.

Looking forward to reading your dreams.
My tips for journaling are:
prepare a paper and pen and put it right next to your bed.

if you wake up during the night and remember what you dreamt just before you woke up and think you will still remember it after falling asleep again and waking up later…. for me this is not working.

it takes a little discipline to switch on the light and write it down immediately.

in the morning as well.
try to write down your dream before looking at your phone.

maybe its just an emotion thats left, a sentence or just few words.
but still its good to write it down to get you into the practice and habit.