Aaron Nora Scherer





In my sessions I combine different practices that I have acquired in several years of experience as a queer, sexpositive, kinky artist and bodyworker.

I love playing with bodies, to go on a journey of discovery with you. After an initial talk about how I can be best in your service, where you can tell me about your desires, needs and wishes, we will together decide how to implement them in a way that creates a lasting experience. Im devoted to leading you in a conscious way to a space of relaxation, relief, pleasure or devotion and ecstasy.

Being trained in contemporary dance, Body-Mind-Centering, Alexandertechnique, different massage techniques, experimenting in my own way with sound healing and using tools such as ropes, whips, floggers and of course my hands I offer unique sessions in which I listen carefully to your body and follow my intuition.

Creating a trusting, trauma-aware and accepting atmosphere is very important to me and there is always a detailed pre-talk as well as aftercare and post-talk.

Possible are sessions from 1h in german and english, 1-1 sessions, but also with several people or partners and also workshop-like formats for example to learn certain BDSM practices.

As my current goal is deepening my ability to facilitate workshops and hold space for more people at the same time you can find me every friday at IKSK Berlin where Im assisting micha stella in her ‘creative morning’ workshops as well as facilitating together with her 
‘queer romance’ on the 9th of november. 

Prices and more detailed information upon request. There are discounts for FLINTA* persons. Please send inquiries to ninotschko@gmail.com

Here you can hear me talk about intimacy, kink and boundaries:


“(...) We started to write about what I envisioned and if we would match. The first exchange of thoughts, visions, approaches etc already gave me the feeling that on the one side I would be in the best hands possible and on the other side that I had to learn more about articulating my needs and boundaries clearly.
We then met on a more or less regular basis every couple of weeks, sometimes with more time inbetween the sessions due to our occupation in art and life. What really impressed me from the beginning was their consensual, clear and warm communication, their experience in body-work and BDSM and skills with whips, ropes and knives. For a long time and many sessions I saw our work as a kind of bodywork and training for my nervous system. I had a goal and I needed someone to help me train my body and mind achieving it – this was my mindset.
What I realized after some sessions is that on different levels so many other things were going on that I think are extremely helpful for me. Our sessions include a conversation where we check-in to see how we are and in this setting and to discuss what I wanted from this session and if Aaron could provide it on this day. Such mature, easy and necessary converations! With Aarons guidance I could learn to recognize what I wanted to experience and find words for that. During the sessions Aaron asked me to stay in contact and give feedback about the sensations, the intensity and to express what, where, how, and, most importantly: when to stop or to change. I realized that our sessions are not only a training for my body and nerves but also for recognizing my boundaries and be clear about them. We finish the sessions with a sequence for grounding the bodies, slowing down, having a chat. From the first encounter with Aaron I feel safe with them. They can hold space so that I can dive into the session – while at the same time I can stay present to be able to keep our communication flowing. The sessions are powerful and empowering. And also exciting, most of the times funny, always with a special type of concentrated energy. I am grateful to have met Aaron and be able to work with them and can recommend everyone who is interested in bodywork, BDSM-focused bodywork, experiences with whips, ropes, needles, knifes,… to get to know Aaron and if possible, start training with them. “